Welcome to {curly brackets}.

We are a web design company based in Chester, England.

We offer a full range of products, ranging from a simple web presence, the equivalant of an online brochure, through to a fully featured site with customer login and e-commerce.

As well as designing your site, we can host it and give you a control panel, giving you absolute control of your site if you want it.

For a relatively simple site, select one of our templates which we will populate with your content and adapt to match your company look and feel. Our templates also come with various optional extras which you can pick and choose from.

If you are looking for a larger, or more interactive site, or want a redesign and expansion of a pre-existing site, we offer a free consultation and quotation service.

Either way, contact us at info@curlybrackets.co.uk.


Select one of our templates, then pick and choose from our add-ons, each with their own pricetag.


Browse through the list of options we offer and contact us to discuss your requirements. If you wish, we will come to you to go over them in more detail. We will then provide you with an outline and a quote for free!

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